S2 Subject Choices Information

Please find below the following information to assist with the options process that all pupils in S2 are currently going through:

  • Copy of the PowerPoint presentation that was used at the S2 Choices Evening on Tuesday, 18 February 2020.                                                                                  STRATHAVEN ACADEMY S2 Choices Parents-Carers February 2020 Website Version
  • Copy of the S3 Subject Choices Booklet. This includes a description of the courses available for young people in S3.                                                                                              SA Making Choices for S3 Information 2020
  • Copy of the S2 into S3 options form that all pupils must complete.                               2020-S2 into S3 Options Form
  • Copy of the Skills Development Scotland Presentation shared by Mr Boyd at the S2 Choices Evening looking at the changing job market.                            Jobs_Future_Glasgow