Social Subjects and RMPS

The Faculty of Social Subjects and RMPS aims to motivate and challenge pupils while equipping them with knowledge and skills that will be of value to them throughout their lives.
We aim to encourage pupils to consider major issues, form opinions and recognise values that they can apply to the world around them. We also aim for pupils to acquire a deeper knowledge and understanding of the world through societies, places and our connection to the past.

The Faculty of Social Subjects and RMPS comprises the following staff:

Miss S Harvey (PT Equity)
Mrs K Williams (PT Pupil Support)
Mrs L Logan

Modern Studies
Mr C MacPhee

Miss R McGinlay (PT Pupil Support)
Mrs R Greenan
Mr R Cassidy

Mr R McNair (Faculty Head)
Miss J McMenemy
Miss A Timmons
Mr S McNulty



Pupils will visit the faculty of Social Subjects and RMPS throughout their Broad General Education and will also have an opportunity to continue their studies at a certificated level:

National 5
• Geography
• History
• Modern Studies

• Geography
• History
• Modern Studies
• Environmental Science

Advanced Higher
• Geography
• History


SCQF Level 5/6
• Scottish Studies