Reporting Pupil Absence



We will continue to register students when they are in school and it will be important for us to accurately record the reason for absence if a young person is not at school. The local authority will provide schools with relevant attendance codes for when students are learning at home or absence is related to COVID-19, shielding or self-isolating.

Parents/carers must contact the school by telephone or email before 9am to inform us of their child’s absence – indicating the reason for absence. If the length of absence is known e.g. a period of isolation, the office staff should be informed of the expected date of return to school. If not, contact should be made again the following day.

In a change to procedures, students will not be required to provide their registration teacher with a written note when they return to school following an absence. All communication must be via phone (01357 524040) or email ( The office should also be informed by parents if students require to leave school to attend an appointment etc. Where no information is provided, absences will be considered to be unexplained and therefore recorded as unauthorised.

Sixth year pupils who are not timetabled for class during periods 1 and 2 should remain at home, if possible, until Tutor Time at 10.30am.

We expect that young people and staff who are clinically vulnerable will be able to return to school in August, unless given advice from a GP or healthcare provider not to. Families who have household members that are at very high risk of serious illness should let us know prior to their child’s return so that we can take appropriate action.