Support for Learning

Support for Learning is provided as part of the policy of assisting all pupils to achieve their full potential.

Extra assistance is given to pupils who are experiencing difficulties in making progress in their learning. All pupils differ in their speed of learning and find some subjects harder or easier than others.

Departmental subject staff are responsible for identifying the need for, and providing, appropriate support for learning for pupils in their charge.

In addition, the school also has a specialist Support for Learning department which is currently staffed by a Principal Teacher Support for Learning, supplemented by the allocation of a part-time Specialist Support Services teacher and classroom assistants. A designated Depute Head Teacher has overall responsibility for Support for Learning throughout the school.

South Lanarkshire Education Resources has published a series of leaflets which cover information for parents and carers about the Additional Support for Learning Act.

These are available through the school or on the South Lanarkshire Council website The leaflets available are:

• The Additional Support for Learning Act

• Requesting an Assessment

• Planning for Learning – ASP

• Planning for Learning – CSP

• Transitions

• Future Planning

• Information for Parents and Carers about moving on from school

• Inclusive Education

• ICT Assessment

• Visual Impairment Support

• Early Years Specialist Support

• Independent Adjudication

South Lanarkshire Council produced the following guides for staff and parents, which you may find useful:

Dyslexia – A Guide for Parents

Dyslexia – A Guide for Staff