Parent Council Initiatives

WELCOME to our initiatives page. Here you’ll find a brief overview of some of the projects on which the Parent Council is working. 
       If you have an idea you’d like to see realised in the school, please come to a Parent Council meeting and let us know your thoughts.


The Strathaven Academy Business Mentoring Programme

The business mentoring programme has been running for two years and aims to link 5th year pupils with adults working within the local community. Parent Council member Alison Moon currently liaises between the school mentoring team – Ms Baran and Ms Huq – and the business people. The mentors generally meet their mentee every two to three weeks with meetings taking place within the school premises.
This year, based on the feedback from mentors, pupils keen to be involved in the programme have submitted their biographies, along with the reasons why they want to take part. They will be interviewed by the Head of Business prior to joining the programme.

Arts and crafts classes for mental health

The Parent Council is working with Deputy Head Jillian Kane to set up an arts club to support pupils’ mental well-being. This project is still in the early stages but it is our hope that the group may meet at lunchtimes, or perhaps after school, and will enable participants to take part in activities involving a variety of different crafts within a welcoming and supportive atmosphere.

Film & Television Careers Workshop

Through Parent Council contacts, we have been given the opportunity to provide a careers workshop based around the film and television industry. This would involve two professionals bringing their Screen Scotland Locations roadshow into the school and providing pupils with an immersive experience which highlights the skills needed to work behind the scenes in Scotland’s multi-million pound entertainment business.


The Parent Council is interested in examining the issue of litter within the school and Strathaven, and we are looking for parental help with this project.

This is a fledgling initiative and it is our hope to create a group within the school to engage with pupils and harness their enthusiasm to tackle the problem.
Some of the areas we would like to consider include:-

– What are the main sources of litter?
– Could rubbish bins be better situated?
– Would local businesses be interested in sponsoring better bins?
– Could pupils engage with lunch providers to reduce their packaging?
– Can we improve recycling methods?
– Would local press be interested in a media campaign?