Vision and Values

Why we are here:
All young people who leave Strathaven Academy do so with a sense of confidence, purpose and optimism and with qualifications and accreditation that reflects their achievements and attainment.  They move on to positive destinations and participate in the world beyond school in a positive and meaningful way, demonstrating the attributes and capabilities of the four capacities encapsulating the purpose of the curriculum.

What we do:
In order to support that transition, their learning is structured, directed and validated, and their positive engagement with opportunities for attainment and achievement leads to success.  Their development and growth are positively influenced and nurtured by the culture, ethos and opportunities that exist in the school community.

How we do it:
This is achieved by a skilled team working together to deliver experiences and activities which support effective learning in the context of Curriculum for Excellence in a safe, caring environment, which fosters a culture of belonging and aspiration, where everyone’s rights are respected.

On Monday 28 October 2019, the Strathaven Learning Community launched our shared vision and values. Children, young people, staff, representatives of parents/carers and partners from across our Learning Community took part. The event was to showcase the results from the work that has taken place across the Strathaven Community in the last year to develop a shared vision and common set of values for the Strathaven Learning Community. Pupils, staff, parents/carers and partners from nursery, primary and secondary have contributed to this process.

Our Strathaven Learning Community values are:


A significant number of people from across our community then discussed, created and suggested vision statements that best describe what makes our learning community unique.

Our aspirational vision statement for the Strathaven Learning Community is:


Young people from all of our associated primary schools were involved in drawing their thoughts about Strathaven. They were asked to illustrate – ‘What does Strathaven mean to me?’ The most common themes were Strathaven Castle, the Balloon Festival and Gala Day. The ideas and concepts from primary pupils were then refined by young people at the Academy, and developed into logo/branding by the Art and Design department.

The completed designs will be displayed in each of our schools and used across the learning community, to promote our vision and values.

‘Today we launch our shared vision and values and we will work collaboratively to turn our shared vision into a sustainable reality. Our values give us a basis for the conversations and discussions we all have on a daily basis, and our vision helps to support and inform our decisions as we move forward together. We can be just as confident looking ahead to the future as we can be rightly proud of what we have already achieved as a Learning Community.’

Mr Boyd, Head Teacher.