Promoting Positive Behaviour and Relationships

At Strathaven Academy we have a collective responsibility to encourage young people to behave in an appropriate manner. As a school we promote an ethos of mutual trust and respect between young people, parents/carers and staff.The Promoting Positive Behaviour and Relationships policy provides a framework regarding expectations of conduct.



Young people welcome recognition and praise for their willingness to act in a socially responsible manner as well as for their academic effort. Our Promoting Positive Behaviors and Relationships policy will establish a positive and constructive atmosphere based on mutual respect between the teacher and young person.

Our values:

  • Resilience
  • Responsibility
  • Respect

Our values are shared with young people to develop an understanding of the standards and expectations we have as a school community.


Each Faculty will issue merits to young people as and when appropriate. Teachers are encouraged to issue young people with merits for success in their class/department.


This may include:


  • Outstanding piece of work
  • Contribution to department/faculty
  • Improved behaviour/effort



We expect the best from all our young people. We will support them to commit to the high standards and expectations we have at Strathaven Academy. Each term all young people will begin with 100 merits.  If they fail to meet the criteria detailed in our value statements, then they will lose their merits. Merits will be lost as a result of a teacher issuing a demerit.  Demerits will be tracked each month and Parents/Carers will be informed if a young person receives five or more demerits in a term.

Demerits can be issued for concerns regarding:





Being Responsible

  • Be on time
  • Be Ready
  • Electronics Away


Being Respectful

  • Self
  • Others
  • Environment