Remembrance – By Lewis F. 

Remembrance Day will always be important to me and hopefully to future generations. In my opinion, ‘Remembrance’ isn’t about patriotism or a celebration of war in any way. It is to celebrate and remember the brave people who died for our freedom. You may say there are many things wrong and unjust in the world but at least we’re free and at peace. We are privileged to be in the position we are in and we’ll be forever grateful to the courageous individuals who fought and died for our country.

The school will commemorate Remembrance Day on Wednesday 11th November at 11am by ringing the bell. For just 2 minutes out of your day, please take this time to remember all the soldiers who fell. Be proud of your ancestors as we probably all have some that fought or died in World War 1 or World War 2. The suffering both men and women endured through these times was for our future and a better tomorrow.

By Lewis F (S6 Communications Group)