International Workers Memorial Day – 28 April 2020

International Workers Memorial Day is commemorated each year by trade unions across the world and South Lanarkshire Council have always held a ceremony to mark the occasion.  On this day we remember those who have died at work and we increase our determination to prevent such deaths in the future.

This year, the ceremony will have a special poignancy with workers in social care, health, retail, refuse collection, etc being in the frontline of the response to the Covid-19 crisis and in some cases putting themselves at risk.

A National One Minute Silence will be held at 11.00am for key workers who have lost their lives during Covid-19.

This will give us a moment to remember those who have sadly lost their lives at work over the past year; to pay tribute to the sacrifice of so many workers during the pandemic; and to thank all those who continue to do vital work at great risk.