AH Art and Design

Archive Projects (Below) for Home Learning. Thanks for continuing to access the Google Classroom for assignments/resources. 

(Update – 15 May)

Thanks again to all our 2019/20 Advanced Higher pupils. If you were able to contribute to the Google Classrooms over the last few weeks and stay in touch with your teachers, thanks for your hard work and perseverance at this time.

You will see new invites to join the new Advanced Higher classrooms for the change of timetable on Monday 18 May. If you’re able to respond to the invite, we are starting the new 2020/2021 session and hope to see your contributions to the tasks set.

(Update – 20 March)

Please continue Advanced Higher portfolio work and aim to complete by Tuesday 26 May. 

(Update 25 March) Mr Wellcoat has launched a new Google Classroom for Advanced Higher Art and Design students. Continue to log into Google Classroom for communication – pupils have been invited but forward the classroom code in private conversations if any issues, thanks, Mr W.

Students should continue to access the SQA pages on Advanced Higher Art and Design.

Follow link(s) for direct access –

Design – https://www.sqa.org.uk/sqa/48494.html