Feedback on Home Learning


Dear parents/carers and pupils,


We are contacting you to ask for your initial feedback on the online learning provision that has been offered since the closure of Strathaven Academy. We appreciate that this has been a challenging time for everyone and we are all still very much adapting. As we come to the end of the second week of home learning, can you please complete the survey below? Sharing your experiences and giving us suggestions will help us to review the current provision and inform our planning for after the Easter break. The Easter break begins after Friday 3rd April, with home learning commencing again on Monday 20th April.


S1/S2 pupils should work on a range of subjects to support their development in that curriculum area. Our young people are unique and therefore what works for one is not always suitable for another.  We are providing work as best we can under the circumstances, but recognise that it is the decision of parents/carers  how much their child does. There is no pressure to recreate the school day and it is important that our young people balance some work with fun activities. Getting them to read or read to younger siblings is great. Board games, crafts, gardening, cooking, keep fit etc. are all valuable learning activities. Please be reassured that it is okay not to do every task set on Google Classroom.


S4/5 learning tasks were initially geared towards revision and preparation for the SQA exams. However, with the announcement of their cancellation, unless pupils had coursework to complete, we realise that some pupils will have had very little set tasks. Faculties are working on new Google Classrooms to help pupils begin work on subjects for next year according to the options that they have selected. Pupils will be notified of the new codes via Show My Homework and/or existing Google Classrooms. Some faculties already have this up and running. This is also applicable to pupils moving from S3 into S4 to start work on their national qualifications.


A balance between learning activities and downtime that promotes health and wellbeing is the goal. This is a great opportunity for some young people to develop and demonstrate responsibility and life skills, including making you a cup of tea, working the washing machine and cooking dinner.


We wish you all a relaxing and enjoyable Easter break.

Thanks for your continued support.

Take care and stay safe.