COP26 Video Project

COP26: Climate Change and Sustainability Video Project

Working in collaboration with students from Duncanrig High School in East Kilbride, four students from Strathaven Academy have recently produced a short video for South Lanarkshire Council on Climate Change and Sustainability and COP26 which happens in Glasgow this coming November. (See video using the link below.)

South Lanarkshire Our Dear Green Place Launch .mp4

Stephanie, Lauren, Suzanne and Lois volunteered to help create the first half of the short film in which they spoke about some of the recent environment action projects the school has been involved in, as well as some of the future initiatives which all SLC schools will be involved in over the coming months.

Local projects involving Strathaven Academy students include: tree planting of almost 4500 trees, climate action awareness events, reduction of waste and increased recycling in the school, reusable drinking bottles, switching off unused equipment, and much more. Although disrupted by the recent pandemic, we are also currently committed to seeing Strathaven adopting a four level award scheme for businesses and community groups based on their environmental awareness and actions.

We were very pleased to have been asked to speak about our projects and showcase all the good work lots of our students have been doing to help make Strathaven a greener place. The same is true of Duncanrig in East Kilbride and our schools collaborated well to create this short video.

The school will soon elect one student from the current S1-S3 cohort and one student from the current S4 and S5 cohorts, to represent us on a newly forming SLC Youth Forum on Climate Change and Sustainability. In addition, all students will have the chance to voice their opinions on Climate Change and Sustainability through numerous projects in the school and in the wider community.

Thanks to Mr McGarrie (History) for directing the pupils and coordinating the shoot and Mr Wellcoat (Art and Design) for filming and editing Strathaven’s contribution to the video.

Special thanks to Michael Wilkie from the Curriculum and Quality Improvement Service for the chance to take part in the project and putting together the final video with both school submissions.