Making Choices in S3 for S4: (updated 18-01-2022)


The end of S3 marks the end of the Broad General Education and pupils once again make subject choices which will determine the subjects in which they attempt to achieve National Qualifications in S4.


The following parent/carer presentation provides information about the subject choices process when moving from S3 into S4:

S3 into S4 Choices Information_ Parent_Carer Presentation_ Jan 2022.pptx


Pupils in S3 will have multiple pieces of information shared with them in their PSE classes and also on the S3 year group Google Classroom to support them with choosing their subjects for S4. The Senior Phase Options Information booklet below should support discussions at home to help make informed choices for S4:

Senior Phase Subject Choices 2022 – 2023


Further Information for Subject Choices:

  • Enterprise and Employability video



  • Skills for Work: Energy PowerPoint Presentation

National 5 Skills for Work _ Energy


  • Mental Health & Wellbeing course information

Mental Health and Wellbeing



The following resources are useful for parents/carers during the subject choices process:

  • PlanitPlus
  • National Parent Forum

Consultation Evenings 2021-2022 (S3)

This session consultation evenings will take place via video call using an online platform called School Cloud. This will provide the opportunity for parents/carers to discuss their child’s progress and meet their class teachers virtually.

The S3 Consultation Evening will take place on Monday 8th November 2021, 4:30-6:30pm.

Information specific to this evening will be issued via letter. Please access the resources below to familiarise yourself with this system.



ParentGuide_S3 October 2021