Parent-to-Parent Resources

PARENTING brings daily challenges, some more serious than others, and often
we can find it hard to know the best way to help our child.

     Here, we’re sharing links to resources recommended by the Strathaven Academy parent and carer community. Below you’ll find books, podcasts, websites and apps that have proved helpful to others, along with comments from those who have recommended them explaining why they think they could be of use.

     Please take a look and if you’d like to share any information which has
helped you let us know what it is and why it’s useful by contacting us at You can also join our new Facebook page
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     All contributions received via email or taken from our Facebook page will be listed here anonymously.


Parenting the Modern Teen by Louise Clarke

“The information provided here will help parents, pre-teens and teens to safely navigate through the world whether it be online or utilising the many, many apps available to them. Please look within the clearly set chapters for guidance. Chapter 3 (trying to make sense of it all), Chapter 5 (smart phones, social media & the pressure to be successful) and Chapter 6 (shifting your mindset around expectations) were particularly enlightening for me.”

“Excellent parental which-way signpost particularly if you need more information about special educational needs support available.”

“Gives a clear understanding of boundaries and what constitutes bullying. Giving you confidence as a parent to contact the school with your concerns.”

The Art of Being a Brilliant Teenager by Andy Cope

“This has a lot of the psychology contained in Jordan B Peterson’s 12 Rules for Life but clearly explained in teenager speak. If you can convince your child to read or listen to this, life will make a whole lot more sense. As a parent listening to the audio book made me smile on days when that was often a struggle!”

BBC Sounds

“This has some incredible podcasts (most last 15-30 mins) talking about mental health, self-harming, social media, sleep, panic attacks…. A few are listed here that have given me a better understanding of the challenges my teenagers are facing, which has equipped me to support them better”

Hurting – Sally Marlow talks to some of the young people and adults who have self-harmed and the experts who treat them. (Radio 4 – 19 Nov 2019)

Live Wires (Radio 5 Live):

How Constant Panic Attacks Affect your life

Information Overload – Are We Drowning in Content?

Everything You Wanted to Know about Sleep

Selfies – Why are We so Obsessed with Perfection?



“I find this meditation app suits me best as there’s no monthly fee and I can choose from a varied range of guided listening, each tailored to my situation. It has a bright interface in the form of a colour wheel and offers meditations to suit my mood, circumstances and time constraints.  There are different meditation wheels included in the app, plus one specifically aimed at kids.” 


“Sometimes as a parent we can feel completely overwhelmed by modern day parenting and I think even a short break helps restore your emotional balance which is why I find listening to the Headspace app 3 minute meditations Feeling Overwhelmed & Stressed a huge benefit.”