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February 2021 (Date TBC)

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Latest Minutes SAPC Minutes 26 January 2021 – Final version


      Our Parent Council aims to support, develop and advance school life through collaborative working. The group is made up of parents, pupils and staff who meet five times during the school year. These gatherings offer the opportunity to catch up with the key happenings of school life and discover how you can be involved in projects which enhance your child’s education.

          Everyone is welcome at the Parent Council, where we recognise the value a broad range of parental experience can bring to our school environment. We’re always looking for ways to expand and develop the opportunities available to our children, and we’re interested in your views and ideas.

Every parent has a skill worth sharing

At the moment we are working with the school towards providing mentoring opportunities to senior pupils, a variety of craft classes to support our pupils’ mental well-being, and new career-specific workshops. For more information on our projects please go to Parent Council Initiatives.

We know every parent has something valuable to offer and we invite you to join us at our next meeting to find out what we do and how you can contribute. Come along and discover how you can make your child’s school an even better, more inspiring place.

Our meetings are usually attended by parents of children from all year groups, senior pupils, Headteacher Kevin Boyd, Deputy Head Jillian Kane, and a local councillor, and they are chaired by parent Jack Campbell.

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  • If you’d like to see the minutes of previous Parent Council meetings, they are available from the school office.

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