Reporting Pupil Absence


It is important for the school to work with parents/carers to ensure all young people have high levels of attendance. All absences from school require, by law, to be recorded.


In cases where your child is unable to attend school, parents/carers must contact the school by telephone or email before 9am to inform us of their child’s absence – indicating the reason for absence. If the length of absence is known, the office staff should be informed of the expected date of return to school. If not, contact should be made again the following day.


All communication must be via phone (01357 524040) or email (


The office should also be informed by parents/carers if students require to leave school to attend an appointment, going on a planned holiday, attending a family event etc.


If the office do not receive notification, a text message will be sent alerting you to your child’s absence. For safeguarding reasons, it important that parents/carers respond to this message.


Where no information is provided, absences will be considered to be unexplained and therefore recorded as unauthorised.


Pupils are registered on a period-by-period basis. Should a child be missing from a class, parents/carers will be informed via a phone call or text message. Confirmed cases of truancy will be recorded as unauthorised.


It is essential that no pupil leaves school during the day without permission. If a pupil is feeling unwell, they must report to the school office who will contact parents/carers. If a pupil goes home at lunchtime and is not able to return for the afternoon, parents/carers must contact the school office promptly.