The sciences curriculum area includes the study of planet Earth; forces, electricity and waves; biological systems; materials; and topical science.

Through learning in the sciences, children and young people develop their interest in, and understanding of, the living, material and physical world. They engage in a wide range of collaborative investigative tasks, which allows them to develop important skills to become creative, inventive and enterprising adults in a world where the skills and knowledge of the sciences are needed across all sectors of the economy.

Here at Strathaven Academy, our young people develop their scientific knowledge and skills through a variety of topics based on Curriculum for Excellence experiences and outcomes.

In S1, pupils study:

    • Planet Earth
    • The Wonders of Space
    • Matter and the Periodic Table
    • The Hidden World

In S2, pupils study:

    • Everyday Chemistry
    • Medical Physics
    • Body Systems
    • Separating Mixtures
    • Energy in Action

Each topic provides a flavour of what each of the discrete sciences, biology, chemistry and physics, offers.

S2 pupils also have one period per week dedicated to developing their skills in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

Towards the end of S2, pupils will have the opportunity to choose which science subject(s) to continue with in S3.

In our S3 classes, we have a large mix of single scientists, biologist/chemists, biologist/physicists, chemist/physicists and even some pupils who have undertaken all three sciences!

Our science teachers aim to help all young people thrive in science as they work towards their goals.