Art and Design

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(Update) We continue to use Google Classrooms. Make sure you are keeping in touch with assignments and have access to resources if working from home.

(Update) All pupils in S1-S3 should respond to Google Classroom invites to continue with projects/tasks.

(Update) National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher Art and Design should continue to log into their Google Classroom for communication.

Head of Faculty Creative & Aesthetic 

Mr A Simpson

Art & Design Teachers 

Mr G Wellcoat, Mr P Collins, Ms S Fleming, Mr R Holmes, Ms K Dunsmore

‘Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable’ Banksy

Learners have rich opportunities to:

  • Be creative and to experience inspiration and enjoyment.
  • Explore a wide range of two- and three- dimensional media.
  • Use appropriate technologies and engage in practical activities.
  • Create, express and communicate ideas.
  • Develop their knowledge and understanding of artists and designers.

Course Details

  • Enable experimentation with technologies and materials.
  • Utilise the visual elements and concepts to convey ideas, thoughts and feelings.
  • Observe and record to show accuracy of representation.
  • Produce work in relation to a brief.
  • Provide opportunity to discuss the work of artists and designers.
  • Evaluate their own and others’ work.

Development Of Skills

  • Develop insights into how imagery works as a means of communication and how Art and Design feeds into cultural heritage.
  • Learners will gain considerable skills in using materials, managing processes and presenting thoughts and ideas.
  • Learners will develop their reasoning, analysis and language skills.
  • They will be able to express themselves, solve problems and work directly with materials and equipment in satisfying and enjoyable ways.
  • Learners will also develop skills to research, investigate, interpret and handle information.