Cost of the School Day

Cost of the School Day (CoSD) is both a national and local authority initiative, which aims to raise awareness within communities and schools of the financial implications and burdens education can create.

At Strathaven Academy, we realise insufficient household and/or disposable income can mean that some young people simply cannot afford the resources needed for school and may not be able to take part in the wide range of school activities available. Consequently, some pupils are at risk of missing out, and therefore may feel excluded and unhappy. We also realise the pressure and distress this can cause parents/ carers.

Please see our attached draft CoSD policy for detailed information on the background of CoSD and what Strathaven Academy is doing to help support families.

Click link below to view our CoSD draft policy 2023/24

CoSD Policy – September 2023

Click on the link below to submit a form requesting financial assistance for school related activities (e.g. trips, uniform, stationary, etc.)

Request for Assistance Form

Should you run into school-related financial difficulties, please notify your child’s Pupil Support teacher. All Pupil support staff can be contacted through the school office (01357 524040)