RMPS allows pupils the opportunity to explore how religion, morality and philosophy are intertwined into the fabric of our society. The study of RMPS will allow pupils to increase their understanding of human beliefs, values and behaviour, as we look to explore how people use religion and philosophy to find purpose and meaning in their lives. Throughout RMPS, there will be opportunities for pupils to develop literacy, numeracy and thinking skills as well as a sense of responsible citizenship. The main aims of RMPS at Strathaven Academy are to allow young people the chance to:

● develop an understanding and respect for different beliefs, values and viewpoints

● develop their own values and beliefs, and learn how to express these

● make informed moral decisions

● make a positive difference to others by putting their values and beliefs into action

BGE Pupils will have one period of RMPS weekly throughout S1 to S3. During this time, pupils will explore a number of topics that are designed to increase their general understanding of religion, morality and philosophy. Pupils will explore beliefs from a multitude of sources, including both religious and non-religious viewpoints. Pupils will also spend time developing their own opinions and beliefs about a number of topics ranging from whether they think it is right to keep animals in zoos to whether they think there is life after death. The topics that will be studied during the BGE are:

S1 Core

• Unit 1: Marvels and Mysteries

• Unit 2: Ways of Life

• Unit 3: Abrahamic Religions


S2 Core

● Unit 1: World Religion – Sikhism

● Unit 2: Life after Death


S3 Core

● Unit 1: Prejudice and Discrimination

● Unit 2: Morality, Medicine & The Human Body

● Unit 3: World Religion – Buddhism


S3 Elective

● Unit 1: Morality and Justice

● Unit 2: World Religion

● Unit 3: Morality in the Movies


S4 In S4, pupils will continue to have RMPS once a week. This will allow pupils to develop the skills they have already acquired in RMPS. There will also be a focus on the development of literacy skills which will be assessed, in class, throughout the year. Pupils will have the opportunity to be accredited in both courses at level 5. Topics that will be studied include:

● Unit 1: Morality and Conflict

● Unit 2: Religion, Belief and Value Award



Senior Phase

National 5

World Religion – Judaism

Morality – Morality and Relationships

Religious and Philosophical Question – The Problem of Suffering and Evil


World Religion – Buddhism

Morality – Morality and Justice

Religious and Philosophical Question – Origins