Links and Connections

At Strathaven Academy, we are fortunate to have many organisations an individuals that support us in delivering excellent experiences and support for our young people.

Some of these are detailed below.


Chaplaincy Team

Strathaven Academy has an established chaplaincy team.

They are:

Rev Dr Shaw Paterson
Strathaven Trinity


Rev Calum Stark
Avendale Church

The Role of the Chaplaincy

The key function of the chaplaincy team is to assist the establishment in the delivery of religious observance / time for reflection. The role of the chaplain can be a diverse one and may include:

• Procedures regarding visiting faith representatives or speakers
• Planning with speakers or visitors
• Materials and publications
• Fund raising
• Positive partnerships

Scotland has for many generations also been home to many who have other faith and belief traditions. In Strathaven Academy we are sensitive to individual spirits and beliefs and encourage parents/carers to contact their child’s Pupil Support Teacher if you require further information.