S2 Art and Design

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S2 Design Project

PRODUCT DESIGN (See PDF links to documents at bottom of page).

Below are examples of historical pieces of Product Design listed below or feel free to choose something from the internet.

Examples include –

  • Anglepoise Lamp (George Cowardine -1934)
  • Teleavia Television (Phillippe Charbonneaux – 1957)
  • Mini (Sir Alex Issigonis – 1959)
  • Fender Stratocaster (Leo Fender and Leo Tavares – 1953)
  • Ekco ad Radio (Well Coates -1934)
  • Coca-Cola ‘Mae West’ Bottle (Chapman Root Glass co. – 1915)
  • Wassily Chair (Marcel Breuer -1926)
  • Land Camera (Dr. Edwin Land -1947)
  • Vespa Scooter (Corriandino D’Ascando – 1946)
  • Wurlitzer 1015 (Paul Fuller – 1946)
  • Moka Express (renato and Alfonso Bialetti – 1939)

See link to PDF documents below to help you consider questions on your design.

Critical Activity Design QUESTIONS

Also try to link your report to the four F’s – ‘Function’, ‘Form’, ‘Fabrication’ and ‘Fantasy’ See example PDF below on – ‘Red Blue Chair’ by Gerrit Rietveld (1918)

Function Form Fabrication Fantasy EXAMPLE

You can then write and present a report based on the answers to the questions and any further information found on the internet.