National Progression Award


The aim of the NPA course, offered in S5 and S6 by the Art and Design department, is to develop an understanding of photography in everyday use.

Behind the scenes shots as well as group Photoshop study on ‘The Last Supper’.

This involves working through some of the creative processes involved in photography and creative media. Students will acquire a basic knowledge and understanding of practical skills when working with photographs, and learn how to create images in two main categories – ‘People’ and ‘Places’. Students will also develop critical thinking skills and seek peer and tutor feedback.

NPA Powerpoint

The Art and Design department has been running the NPA for many years and students enjoy the projects and have fun collaborating on shoots on various themes.

  • S5 and S6 students will get six periods a week to plan, shoot and evaluate their work in outdoor and indoor locations, as well as learning post-production techniques using Adobe Photoshop.
  • The progression award is at a similar level to SQA National 5, and is graded on a pass/fail basis.
  • Highlights include the ‘Recreating Famous Paintings’ project and the ‘Horror Lighting’ shoot, where students get to include props and costumes!
  • The NPA gives students an opportunity to develop skills practised in the S3 elective, as well as preparing candidates for progression to Higher Photography in the Art and Design department and further studies at college and university.