S3 Photography Elective

The aim of this S3 elective course is to introduce pupils to digital photography and allow them to experience photography in everyday use.

Pupil’s work showing the variety of subject matter explored.
  • Pupils will be involved in working through some of the creative processes involved in photography and creative media.
  • They will acquire a basic knowledge and understanding of the practical skills required in photography, and learn how to create good photos using particular skills and themes such as framing, portraiture, group shots and using a sequence of photos to tell a story.
  • The Art and Design department has been running the S3 elective course for many years. The course runs for approximately ten weeks, as pupils rotate through many different elective experiences within the school throughout the year.
  • The S3 elective can potentially prepare candidates for progression to the NPA in S5 and S6, and forms the first of three levels in which pupils can develop practical photography skills.