S1 Art and Design

S1 Homework/Summer Project – Gallery 

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the Google Classroom on this Art and Design project task. See below a selection of images by S1. Thanks!


Homework/Summer Project (Background)

This tradition has been established for many years and pupils have produced some amazing creations from the Art and Design department.

Classes often start with a spider diagram to consider a potential theme for their project. We usually advise students to look at a theme they are already interested in or passionate about. Some examples have included, sport, dance, TV, film, animation, famous people, animals, flowers, photography, family, friends, pets, countries of the world, historical landmarks and much more! Pupils can choose any format – Powerpoint, animation, booklet, 3D model, printed photos, digital drawing – the list is endless!

See examples of previous projects produced by S1 pupils.