S2 Art and Design

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S2 Design Project

At this time, we suggest you look at examples of classic PRODUCT DESIGN and choose one to write a report on. (See PDF links to documents at bottom of page).

See a few examples of historical pieces of Product Design listed below or feel free to choose something from the internet.

Examples include –

  • Anglepoise Lamp (George Cowardine -1934)
  • Teleavia Television (Phillippe Charbonneaux – 1957)
  • Mini (Sir Alex Issigonis – 1959)
  • Fender Stratocaster (Leo Fender and Leo Tavares – 1953)
  • Ekco ad Radio (Well Coates -1934)
  • Coca-Cola ‘Mae West’ Bottle (Chapman Root Glass co. – 1915)
  • Wassily Chair (Marcel Breuer -1926)
  • Land Camera (Dr. Edwin Land -1947)
  • Vespa Scooter (Corriandino D’Ascando – 1946)
  • Wurlitzer 1015 (Paul Fuller – 1946)
  • Moka Express (renato and Alfonso Bialetti – 1939)

See link to PDF documents below to help you consider questions on your design.

Critical Activity Design QUESTIONS

Also try to link your report to the four F’s – ‘Function’, ‘Form’, ‘Fabrication’ and ‘Fantasy’ See example PDF below on – ‘Red Blue Chair’ by Gerrit Rietveld (1918)

Function Form Fabrication Fantasy EXAMPLE

You can then write and present a report based on the answers to the questions and any further information found on the internet.

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Deadline for sharing project on the Google Classroom – Thursday 21 May. Thanks!