REACH Programme

What is Literacy?

Literacy is the ability to read and use written information for a range of purposes. It involves the integration of speaking, listening and critical thinking with reading and writing and includes the knowledge which allows a speaker, writer or reader to recognise and use language appropriate to different situations.

Why is it important? (OECD study)

  • Those with good literacy skills are more likely to receive a higher salary than those with poor literacy skills, as well as having access to more rewarding jobs
  • Those with poor literacy skills are more than twice as likely to be unemployed than those with good literacy skills
  • Individuals with lower proficiency in literacy are more likely to believe that they have little impact on political processes and not to participate in associative or volunteer activities. In most countries they are also less likely to trust others
  • Those with poor literacy skills are more likely to report poor health
  • Good literacy skills are associated with increased confidence, self-esteem and better educational and lifestyle outcomes
  • Poor digital literacy skills can leave people vulnerable to being left behind in our increasingly digital world and workplaces

Support we offer

We aim to build confidence in reading, spelling, grammar, punctuation and the use of digital technologies. To achieve these aims pupils will be given time and support at registration as part of the ‘Learning at Registration’ programme with S6 Buddies and will be provided with one-to-one support at different stages throughout the year.


Resources we will use with our targeted pupils include IDL, GL Assessments, Spell Dog, Reciprocal Reading groups.